Thursday, March 14, 2013


We did a quick interview with Mehmet "Memo" Erkaya, one of the 4 partners @ TBA. He is charge of bookings & daily operations. Gio Gulez, Omer Unluata, Firat Bebek & Wolf Konstant with Mehmet Erkaya make up team TBA Brooklyn. They are all my very close friends & bring their experience of 10 years in nightlife. Here is what Mehmet had to tell us about TBA Brooklyn.

DCENFORCED: What is your goal/mission for this new Venue?

MEMO: We want to make this place a hub for quality electronic music & culture. A venue that you can hear good beats 7 days a week, a place that you can meet like minded people & free your mind. Our motto is "where the underground lives"

DCENFORCED: Brooklyn. Why? What do you think will make this venue stand out from other clubs/bars in the area?MEMO: Brooklyn is where our hearts are at :) I've been throwing parties in Brooklyn for sometime now. Brooklyn is freedom, Brooklyn is real, Brooklyn is New York for us. We're not in competition with other clubs or bars...We do this for the love of music. When people see this they'll see our hearts they'll come join us. Plus our programming represents the true underground feeling.


DCENFORCED: Why the name TBA?
MEMO: When we host underground events, since the address is not released till the last day it's always listed as "TBA" To Be Announced. Our name represents that. But for us name doesn't really matter. What matters is people inside the venue & music. When these two elements come together magic happens.

DCENFORCED: What inspired the feel/ambiance of the Venue?
MEMO: Brooklyn & the underground warehouse parties inspired us. Also we love 70's lighting elements. But our interior is an on going project. We'll have rotating art from local & international artists covering our walls all the time.

Hope everyone will come out to support TBA- Brooklyn for opening weekend.



  1. You sure that photo's of the actual venue? Isn't TBA much smaller?

  2. You are right and thanks for noting that, TBA is more of a Bar! Photo in the interview is an examples of Memo's impressive production and execution skills. A teaser of what he is capable of doing. :)

  3. yeah that's the electric warehouse in that pic